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November 7, 2008

uh oh…

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I think someone resents the attention..

How do you ladies feel about letting it go and not ever responding to it? I know people are curious and want to read, which makes you want to respond, but if we feed in, then that perpetuates the drama.

Apparently this “person” has a lot of wasted time on her hands and is sick in the head and needs serious mental rehabilitation. but if no one nurses her sickness, then maybe the blog will die.

Whatcha think?

The phrase “needs serious mental rehabilitation” it really sounds like she is describing herself here.


November 4, 2008

And We are back, but.

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UF came back up today, apparently rumors have touched a chord because this was the announcement.

First off we want to say YAY! We are back, and terribly sorry for the long delay. Many issues arose with the migration to a dedicated server that we were not expecting. After much headache we are back! We would like to clarify that UF was not down to “purge” members. Yes we have been made aware that at least one of our members here is not who she claims to be. It is frustrating to think that this person would take an attitude of do as I say not as I do. Whatever happened to integrity and honesty? We have migrated EVERY.SINGLE registered member back to the new server. The migration was just that a migration.

However in 2 weeks time we will be putting all members with less than 10 posts and those who have not posted during this two week window into an inactive mode. All account settings/passwords will be retained and should you decide to become an active member we will reactivate your account. Julie and I would also like to take this time to remind you all that this is an admin led board. We will consider all member opinions and ideas but will focus on what we think is the best direction of the board. That being said we will no longer be activating new accounts unless the new member can reference a current member that invited them and the current member can verify that they indeed did invite the new member.

November 3, 2008

this just in…

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According to an Urban Femmes Admin

We are not a spin off board. I am trying to make a point. Just like most forums, we do not want shit stirrers and frankly why would Meleesa really want to be there?

As a BG founder pointed out, even if they started out not a spin off, they instantly became one when they started advertising on Myspace and Facebook to “BG Ladies”.

Another well known UF member, not an admin but a cheerleader none the less states

Honestly, we all made a pact not to discuss any other board we are on UF. UF is undergoing a server migration (or something like that) and has been down for at least 2 days so no one is over there talking. Everyone agreed to this within a day or so of the announcement regarding BG’s changes.

A pact? Honestly? How grade school… I made a pact in grade school that my best friend and I would never part, now, we rarely speak to each other. Pacts, I can’t stop laughing.

The same well known Admin again –

There is valid reason as to why admin at UF would not want certain members over there. It would only make sense and until you (general) are putting forth the money and dealing with the headaches of server migrations, etc you cannot really understand the need of wanting to have a place as drama free as possible and that would mean not having certain people as members.

So, they are admitting that they are keeping “certain people” out. How… Um… Elitist.

November 2, 2008

uh oh!

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Urban Femmes has only been around for a couple weeks, but it is already having troubles. They closed on Friday Oct 31, supposedly, only for a few hours, to move to a new server. Today is Sunday, still no Urban Femmes, no word on what the hold up is, but scuttlebutt around the watercooler says that the admin have word that someone they don’t want around has a membership and they are so busy trying to figure out that persons username that they can’t get the board back up, another theory has it that the board won’t be opened back up until that person is found and banned.

What do you think? Have you heard anything?

Hello world!

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Welcome to the Drama of Urban Femmes, Urban Femmes is a fairly new message board, an offshoot of another board. My goal is to bring you all the juicy gossip from the inside of Urban Femmes.

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